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Kathy T. ~ Panorama City, CA

I really only use a laundromat a couple times a year when I have to use the large washers to wash my king-sized comforters and blankets.  Today was one of those times.  The problem is that I never know where to go and in my own neighborhood (Panorama City) the choices are kind of seedy and not anyplace I like to hang out.  Today I stopped at one on Woodman and it looked like such a dump that I checked for other places nearby and came across Granada Laundry and went there instead.  First of all, it was clean and there are LOTS of machines, including some super big ones that hold 8 loads.  They’re a little pricier than the other ones but it was nice to be able to wash both of my heavy comforters together.  I liked that there is an attendant on duty to keep the place tidy (it was very clean) and to answer questions, even on a Sunday.  I wasn’t sure how to use their laundry card machine and the woman who was working there was very helpful and courteous.  There is a nail salon nearby if you want a quick pedi, a Mexican restaurant right next door if you’re hungry, and a 7-11 a couple of doors down if you need a snack or a magazine while you’re waiting and with an attendant on duty I felt completely at ease walking to the 7-11 while my laundry was washing and I will definitely return to this laundry when it’s time to wash my comforters again.


Kislev A. ~ Granada Hills, CA

Our machine broke down. We had several choices for laundromats but chose this one.
Has a big enough parking lot that I never had to drive around. Small enough that the place gets too crowded.
Equipment are all working, has different sizes/capacities.
You don’t need coins (they use cards). The only thing about those cards that get dispensed from their machine is it doesn’t give change so don’t put in that $100 bill.
For some reason, this place doesn’t feel as ghetto.